Deaf Awareness Week 2019

@kathleenhumberstone Breaking News: May 9th, 2019 by Denise Humberstone “Sign language made compulsory in all UK educational establishments from nurseries to universities, all government bodies, all work places, all media and entertainment industries starting January 2020 in honour of Deaf Awareness Week!!! The deaf community can’t believe their ears and must have had them burning … Continue reading Deaf Awareness Week 2019

The bodies and faces we should launch 1,000 ships for and fall head over heels in love with!!

They’re done with clicking their heels in vain and shooting themselves in the foot by not standing tall with both feet on the ground!

Diverse Talent Agency???

Who is this agency that the fashion and media worlds never thought they would ever need?? After all, Zebedee Management only represent diverse talent. What does that even mean, anyway? I attended their second so-called catwalk show last night in Sheffield. Diversity they say. Well, let’s see: Age? From nought to fifties! Skin colour? You … Continue reading Diverse Talent Agency???