Actually, thank you Emmerdale…

I believe in healthy debates. I believe we can use Emmerdale's platform, not by shaming them but by using it to highlight everything that needs changing and missing (like an official pathway for women who do decide to carry on with their pregnancy) and addressing one by one all the concerns of expectant parents, and reassure them that those concerns although valid with their current understanding and knowledge of the condition will prove completely futile and unfounded, that in the end, it’s all about love and only love.

From couch potato to 28km in just 4 months. How???

I cried before, during and after. I am just so darn proud of this young woman. Hearts should be made of Spandex because, really, mine has run out of space to store all the love I fell for her and my other 2. All she could say on the way back home in the car, and until she fell asleep, was: Can you believe it? I got my own medal!!