Nobody Told Me

Whether your baby’s diagnosis is prenatal or postnatal, all you’re always ever told straightaway are the road blocks and the dead ends, not all of them and not all in detail, but you get the gist…

What nobody told me about that particular parenting journey of a lifetime though, is that the views you get to see are not all made up of doom and gloom; that you meet incredible people , some who will change your mindset, and some whose perceptions you will get to edit; that you will experience many emotional growth spurts each time you think you are at your peak; that you will go through unstoppable, ongoing and totally unexpected transformations of your outlook on life.

No, all you are ever told about are the road blocks and the dead ends…

Sure, I could tell you that nobody told me that my baby would be bilingual, would become a model, would give a speech at the United Nations at 17, bla bla bla… But that’s not what really matters. Why? Because, the crux of the matter is, what if she couldn’t do any of these things? Then what? Would I be nostalgic of those road blocks, warnings and dead ends? I mean, really, then what?

Then listen. Listen very carefully.

Nobody told me that I would still move heaven and earth for her if I had to, that I couldn’t love her more if I tried, that I couldn’t love her more if SHE tried.

The key thing here is: Nobody told me I would love her REGARDLESS.



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