#Nobody Told Me

Whether we’re talking about a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis, you are always told straightaway all about the road blocks and the dead ends, every single one of them, in detail.

But what #NobodyToldMe about that parenting journey of a lifetime is the fantastic and surprising views you get to see on that scenic route, the breaths of fresh air you get to take, the incredible people you get to meet, the many people whose perceptions you get to change, the many emotional growth spurts you experience when you thought you were at your peak, the unstoppable and totally unexpected transformation of your outlook on life that takes over.

No, all you are ever told about are the road blocks and the dead ends…

Sure, I could tell you that #NobodyToldMe that my baby would be bilingual, would become a model, would give a speech at the United Nations at 17, bla bla bla… But that’s not what really matters. Why? Because, the crux of the matter is, what if she couldn’t do any of these things? Then what? Would I be nostalgic of those road blocks, warnings and dead ends? I mean, really, then what?

Then listen. Listen very carefully.

#NobodyToldMe that I would still move heaven and earth for her if I had to, that I couldn’t love her more if I tried, that I couldn’t love her more if SHE tried.

They key thing here is: #NobodyToldMe I would love her REGARDLESS.

I can’t recommend this book enough: #NOBODYTOLDME by Nicola Enoch. Here’s a virtual tour of it: https://positiveaboutdownsyndrome.co.uk/nobodytoldme/ “expectant and new parents, their friends, families and colleagues, as well as medical professionals and those working in education – all will have access to a contemporary understanding of Down syndrome in modern Britain”

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