Deaf Awareness Week 2019


Breaking News:

May 9th, 2019

by Denise Humberstone

Sign language made compulsory in all UK educational establishments from nurseries to universities, all government bodies, all work places, all media and entertainment industries starting January 2020 in honour of Deaf Awareness Week!!!

The deaf community can’t believe their ears and must have had them burning last night when the votes were cast!

Their demands had been falling on deaf ears for decades and they’d always been sent away with a flea in their ears and had been forced to play it by ear ever since!

I guess talking the government’s ears off must have paid off as somebody clearly was all ears!

Now, if only walls really did have ears because many from the hearing community have got steam coming out of their ears just thinking of the logistics of it all! “And who’s going to pay for it all?”, “And who’s got time for that!?”, they rage.

Not forgetting the sign language interpreters who are about to have applications coming out of their ears too!

On the other hand, 11 million people with hearing loss across the UK, 50,000 of them children, are about to be fully included in their own society and therefore a lot more productive individuals! Won’t that be music to their ears and shouldn’t that be the least their society could do for them?

At this moment in time, it isn’t clear of course as to which sign language will be officially selected, whether BSL or Makaton, so we’ll all have to keep our ear to the ground. Minor detail in the scheme of things, you may say, and we trust it will be given a fair hearing with all relevant parties involved because you know, if not, we may end up with ASL (American Sign Language!!!).”

Sorry guys if I got your hopes up, I just thought I’d write something I would love to read in the news one day. Thinking of all of you, yes 11 million of you. I’m sure you wonder every day who’s hard of hearing but i’m confident things are changing for the better and soon this made-up article may not seem so far-fetched after all….(we still have 3 days left, right?).

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