Dear Gatekeepers of the Media/Fashion/Advertising Worlds…

Dear Gate Keepers of the Media/Advertising/Fashion worlds,

I was just genuinely wondering:

You had the race-awakening (and we all know how long THAT took you… 🙄) and you’ve just about managed to get over LGBT.

Did it kill you? NO!

Did it it make you bigger, better, stronger and richer? YES!!

So, seriously, why holding us up at those gates?

Surely, you would want to represent the segment of population with an annual spending power of £200 billion! And that’s just for 14 million people in the UK!

The demand is there, the supply is ready. What are you waiting for?

Yes, you, the film producers, fashion designers, campaign creators, script writers, TV producers, editors-in-chief, Brand board members, commissioners, you know who you are. You know you’ve always had the power, more so today thanks to social media, to set the trends, to turn an idea into a viral success or a sudden death, you know you are at the helm and you can drive dramatic, positive societal shifts if you choose to. Game-changing is your bread and butter, after all!

So yes, I was wondering when you were all finally going to initiate fair, regular and updated representation of people with disabilities and differences (I’m not talking about tokenism, although I ’ll take it because I know you’ll be blown away and ask for more!).

Why should you do that, apart from the obvious financial reward?? Because of its long-lasting ripple effects:

1/ Kids could finally grow up looking up at people who look like them and didn’t have to to keep up appearances to be successful and accepted.

2/ Your powerful platforms are a magnifying glass through which the dinosaur perceptions of differences can be updated with the current ones, thus creating a more tolerant society whose different individuals don’t have to feel less worthy anymore.

3/ Most of all, it would translate into a much needed rise in employment of people with differences across the board!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to use that magic wand?

From your side of the gate, we may appear as underdogs, even as dark horses at times, but what we are is your last epiphany. So please, unlock those gates and let us show you how wrong you’ve been until now and how FLAWSOME WE ARE!

Thank you.

Photo credit: Marc Lamey with
Photo credit Murat Ozkasim for
Photo credit: Murat Ozkasim for
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Photo credit: Sophie Mayanne for Getty Images
Photo credit: Alex Bramall for Grazia UK Magazine
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